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North Dakota’s Best ‘Offline’ Oil Field Navigation App

AWTY Compass Oil Field Navigation app can provide turn-by-turn directions without a cellular signal. Workers in the oil field can finally have peace of mind knowing that they will be able to find their way, no matter where they are. AWTY Compass has mapped over 7,000 miles of precise roads to over 32,000 site locations in the Bakken. Other navigation apps draw their roads on top of Google Maps, then depend completely on Google’s routing engine to get you safely to a remote Killdeer hillside location.  Don’t put your oilfield safety in the hands of routing tools created for the city.
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Born In The Bakken

You may remember us as AWTY Maps, creating up to 40 separate Operator Map Books with flip pages detailing turn-by-tun written directions to each well site. Now, AWTY Compass picks up where the map books left off, with spoken turn-by-turn for all the Operators. No more flippin’ pages!

No More Google Maps

More often than not, Google Maps requires you to navigate with outdated imagery. Other navigation apps draw their roads on top of Google Maps, then depend on Google's routing engine to get you there. Since our roads are mapped in-house, the accuracy is to the foot level.

No More Data Streaming

We offer the only app that routes via satellite, so ‘Offline’ means no cell tower data signal is needed. You no longer have to worry about signal strength or downloading maps and routes. Route where you want, when you want.

Emergency Assistance

Help is just a few clicks away. Drop a pin, share your exact location with emergency responders, and call for help directly from the app. In an environment where every second counts, AWTY Compass can be a lifesaver.

Corporate Dashboards

AWTY Compass comes with a User Management Dashboard, so you can offer corporate visitors a way to navigate the Bakken. Add, suspend, or pause users' accounts whenever necessary. Only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Road Updates and Requests

AWTY Compass owns the road network, so you get weekly accurate updates. We value your help, so if you see a mistake or need a change, please contact us. We will ensure your request is in the next update. Also, Corporate accounts come with company-specific locations and routing options.

We Get You There Safely, The First Time.

The AWTY Compass Oil Field Navigation app is essential for everyone navigating the Bakken, which covers over 200,000 square miles of rural North Dakota and Montana. Using satellite GPS location routing instead of cellular data to ping Google servers, AWTY Compass provides highly accurate turn-by-turn directions, even in extreme weather conditions, right on your phone or tablet. Because of our proprietary road mapping network, AWTY Compass is always up-to-date. Whether you’re a new employee or a seasoned veteran, see why this app is deemed the must-have app among the largest Operators and Vendors in the Bakken.

1-50 Users

Great For Individuals Or Your Small Crew
$ 20 Per Month, Per User

51+ Users

Corporate Accounts & Enterprise Support
$ 17 Per Month, Per User
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The only app you need to drive safely through the oil fields.

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