Getting lost in the Bakken waiting for cell data availability for the Google Maps navigation apps? Or is cell signal too weak to call in for directions, or using a third-party system that isn’t updating their oil patch Roads, Wells, Rigs, SWD’s, Lacts, etc., consistently?

AWTY Compass navigation software offers the only full-time, off-line routing solution. So, no matter where you and your crews are, as long as there’s access to a satellite signal, AWTY Compass won’t stop working to get your corporate group safely to their remote destinations the first time!

Available Navigation Options




Gas Plants

AWTY Compass utilizes the AWTY Road Network exclusively, not Google, Bing or MapQuest which requires constant data streaming to servers to get directions on their most current map version. We own our road network and update the roads, Wells, Lacts, SWD’s weekly (currently for the North Dakota Bakken oil play) and update Rig location twice a week.

When you launch the AWTY Compass mobile app, you know you’re getting the best routing information available. Simply search and select your destination to view details, location, and navigation options, then you’re on your way all without the cost of data streaming.

Why our customers love us

Water driver I love this app I could not do my job without it I would be so lost and frustrated all the time. One of the best features about this app it goes off satellite not cell phone towers so if you lose service you still have the navigation. It’s not perfect it may not always choose the preferred route but no matter what it will get you there it chooses the shortest route when you can actually take asphalt. Anyway you’ll have to see for yourself I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to be productive

~ Andrew R

Oil driver This app works great. Have had it over a year now and it does exactly what I got it for. Tried some other apps but just like how this one works.

~ Roy O

Best well finder app! I’ve suffered with Google maps because it was the only thing around, until the great folks @ AWTY came along. It’s not perfect but they are constantly making improvements. Their app leaves all the rest behind.

~ Mark T