Are We There Yet?

This is usually the first question that comes to mind when lost in remote areas of the North Dakota Bakken, or anyplace where finding landmarks in flat or visually obstructed terrain proves difficult.

The ‘AWTY’ idea grew when the founder started as a water driver for a leading Water Management service provider in the Williston Basin back in 2009. During the boom days of the Bakken, crews were often given wrong directions to locations, usually resulting in the dispatchers asking “…why aren’t you there yet?”

AWTY opened its doors in 2010 with the idea of providing the safest and most accurate driving directions to assets in the North Dakota Bakken. The initial goal to provide remote driving directions via cellphones without the need for a data connection was put on hold while waiting for smartphone technology to catch up. However, to satisfy AWTY’s growing customer mapping requests, AWTY Mapbooks® became a hot commodity in the Bakken.

The first AWTY Compass navigation app prototyped on Android devices in 2012 and launched in the GooglePlay Store in 2013. Today, AWTY’s loyal and patient iOS users can also enjoy Compass on their Apple devices as well. Soon, we’ll be expanding our technology to the Niobrara, Permian Basin, Wolfcamp, and Eagle Ford locations, and other markets such as Timber, Renewable Energies (Wind/Solar) and even Honey Bee farm locations.

AWTY Compass® is the leading technology for remote routing requirements that can also hook into cutting-edge fleet management solutions, with daily road updates to ensure you arrive safely…the first time.

Oil rig truck driving through the Bakken.

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