New Technology for the Oil & Gas Industry

Exciting news for the oil & gas industry: AWTY is providing solutions to all your navigation problems in the field.  A number of upcoming and available apps offer easy access to the maps, county and state data, and proprietary information you need to ensure you can navigate on precise oil-field road networks safely and effectively.

Compass IOS

AWTY has introduced our exclusive technology with Compass IOS that is now available via the iPhone app store, as well as on Android.  With road networks consistently updated each week, Compass IOS offers solutions that allow offline access without the need to ‘download’ offline road networks.  As long as you have a satellite signal available, you’re good to go.  Our road networks do not rely on Google, Bing, or any other 3rd party provider, which means you know you are always getting the most up-to-date data to aid navigation.


Coming soon: AWTY UMap. One of the major issues faced in the oil & gas industry in the Bakken is navigating roads without having readily available information on current road load restrictions. Currently, under development, AWTY UMap is the game-changing application that will allow users to view not only our proprietary road network but also the county and state road restrictions and legal routing options based on Gross Vehicle Weight.

Jack-Up Rig Simulator

Drilling Systems introduced their new Jack-Up rig simulator software in late 2018, revolutionizing how Jack-Up rig training is delivered to crews. This mobile simulator software does not sacrifice capabilities for size. Crews can transport the simulator to sites for ease of operation; all with software that makes the simulator fully customizable to any rig. This significantly reduces the need for travel time and has a net positive impact on training.

To learn more about the technology AWTY can add to your operation, check out our apps on Google Play or the iPhone app store. Alternatively, you can send any queries you may have to our team via the contact portal.

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Oil rig truck driving through the Bakken.

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