Oil Field Traffic Safety Tips

Spring traffic patterns, weather, and pavement conditions all have an impact on load road restrictions. Routes drivers have previously traveled between pick-up and delivery may now be restricted or completely off limits for certain vehicle types, based on weight. It is important you check at local, county, and state level for any changes that may affect your operation in order to ensure you are in compliance with regulations on current load road restrictions for planned routes.

New Permits

Road load restrictions may mean needing new spring and summer mid-weight and overweight permits for certain roads and interstates. This is important to avoid facing fines that could significantly impact your operation. The Department of Transportation can provide detailed information for your location on load restrictions and permits for the state.

Travel Restrictions

You will also need to check with the county and state to confirm any travel time restrictions that could affect pickup and delivery. These requirements apply to both load restriction and vehicles that require a pilot car. If you are in any doubt about travel time restrictions over the spring and summer months, the Department of Transportation for each state can provide further information on travel requirements and permits.

Temporary Restrictions

Temporary restrictions may apply due to road works and other conditions that pertain specifically to road load. Although temporary, these restrictions can affect pickup and drop-off routes and times. Having an accurate map that details temporary restrictions is essential for ensuring the impact on your operation is limited. Once a temporary restriction is lifted, you need to know so routes can be adjusted accordingly.

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