Tips for Improving Efficiency in Oil Field Operations

With ever-decreasing profit margins, the oil & gas industry is facing greater challenges in improving operations. These challenges are the result of lower prices, forcing companies to find ways of efficiently carrying on operations without compromising the safety of crews. As with most things in the modern age, technology is where the most innovative solutions are to be found.

Oilfield Navigation

One of the major drains on human resources is crews getting lost in the oilfield. This is not through lack of trying but, rather, working in an industry that involves having to navigate large areas that are often unfamiliar to the crew. Relying on 3rd party maps is often to a greater detriment, as these applications are not always up-to-date.

AWTY offers a number of solutions that help crews effectively navigate sites. With AWTY Compass, crews have an offline solution that is available anywhere there is access to a satellite. Crews won’t have to rely on 3rd party vendors that are not providing updates for oil patch Roads, Wells, Rigs, SWD’s, Lacts, etc.

Improving Field Data

Inaccurate field data can create nightmares for companies operating in the oil and gas industry. Improving field data requires a system that is reliable and easily incorporates with current technologies and systems, in order to assure the accuracy of data that is being shared. Some current systems and methods still involve users inputting data from handheld devices or printouts to other systems for the purposes of providing access to such data, where needed.

AWTY’s Form Solution allows crews and other employees to capture data in the field that is uploaded an administrative portal. You can streamline the system so those who need to access the data can do so right away. This allows the review, communication, correction, and approval of the data to occur simultaneously. The application is versatile and designed to allow companies to create solutions that mirror the needs of each department.

Drilling Simulation

A number of companies are competing to improve the accessibility of drilling simulations. Traditionally, preparing operators for drilling operations and well control procedures has been a complex task. There are also a number of travel and safety issues when it comes to bringing operators on-site in order to provide effective training.

Drilling simulation allows training to take place off-site and there are a number of benefits offered by different providers. Crews can train using the same chairs and controls they will use on the drilling site. Alternatively, there are companies that provide mobile simulators that allow training to take place anywhere.

For more news on innovations that are helping to improve efficiency in oil field operations, keep up-to-date with AWTY.

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